Free e-book download it Seriously Good Salads: Creative Flavor Combinations for Nutritious, Satisfying Meals (English Edition)

Seriously Good Salads: Creative Flavor Combinations for Nutritious, Satisfying Meals. Nicky Corbishley

Seriously Good Salads: Creative Flavor Combinations for Nutritious, Satisfying Meals

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  • Seriously Good Salads: Creative Flavor Combinations for Nutritious, Satisfying Meals
  • Nicky Corbishley
  • Page: 192
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  • ISBN: 9781624148255
  • Publisher: Page Street Publishing
Download Seriously Good Salads: Creative Flavor Combinations for Nutritious, Satisfying Meals

Free e-book download it Seriously Good Salads: Creative Flavor Combinations for Nutritious, Satisfying Meals (English Edition)

Say “Goodbye” to Sad Salads Gone are the days when salads were disappointing meals made with wilted lettuce and a few standard veggies. In Seriously Good Salads, Nicky Corbishley shares 75 of her favorite salads, all packed with fresh flavor, loaded with exciting toppings and covered with delectable dressings. Salad lovers looking for some extra protein to accompany their veggies will drool over Chipotle Chicken Cobb Salad, Salmon Sushi Salad and Chorizo and Lima Bean Salad. Other favorites, like Cheddar, Apple and Walnut Salad, Thai-Style Slaw with Peanut Dressing and Moroccan Couscous Salad with Orange and Apricot, are piled high with yummy cheeses, grains, nuts and more to keep you feeling full and happy. Nicky even includes fantastic fruit-based salads, like Orange Salad with Pistachios and Pomegranate, and all the tasty salad dressing recipes you could possibly want. With Nicky’s innovative flavor combinations and unique ingredients, it’s easier than ever to turn a boring side salad into a showstopper of a meal the whole family will enjoy.

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